New Media Cluster

About the New Media Cluster

Total number of credits in this cluster: 9

The New Media Cluster prepares students to capitalize on opportunities and innovate in communications, media, news, and entertainment. The internet and digital technologies have transformed the world of media and mobile communications. Today anyone can be a media entrepreneur. However, technological disruption that makes it easier to start a media enterprise has also introduced a host of editorial, globalization, business, and ethical complexities.

Students who complete this cluster develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Innovation and disruption in media content creation and distribution
  • New ICE (information, communication, and entertainment) technologies and how they work
  • Communications and media business model development; audiences, users, and markets; financing and management
  • Media ethics, law, and public policy

Preferred Sequence of Courses for the Cluster

9 credit New Media Cluster
Core Courses #1 and 2 Credits Semester
MGMT/ENTR 215: Entrepreneurial Mindset 3 1-5
ENGR/ENTR 310: Entrepreneurial Leadership 3 3-6
New Media Cluster (9 credits) Credits Semester
COMM 271: Principles of Multimedia Journalism 3 3-6
Choose 6 credits from the list of COMM courses. 6 3-7
Core Course #3 Credits Semester
MGMT/ENTR 425: New Venture Creation 3 4-8

Students interested in the New Media Cluster should seek advising from the New Media cluster director early in your academic career to plan a feasible program of coursework. Some courses in this cluster have pre-requisites and/or may not be offered every semester.

To meet the prerequisite requirement for MGMT/IST/ENGR 425, you must take:

  • (ECON 102 or ECON 104 or ECON 14 or MGMT 215) and (CAS 100 or CAS 137T or EMSC 100S)

New Media Course Options

Students first complete MGMT 215, Entrepreneurial Mindset, then ENGR 310, Entrepreneurial Leadership, concurrently or in sequence with COMM 271, Principles of Multimedia Journalism. They then choose two courses (6 credits) from a list of 300- and 400-level COMM courses listed below. Please seek advising early in your academic career. Note that some of these courses have prerequisites. Concurrent with advanced cluster courses, they enroll in MGMT/ENGR/IST 425, New Venture Creation. No more than 6 credits may double-count in the minor and a College of Communications major.