Declare the Minor

The ENTI Minor can be declared after you attain third-semester classification or after you have been accepted into a major. The procedures for entering a minor depend on whether the minor has entry requirements. ENTI does not have special entrance requirements so you declare it by using LionPATH. Use the following link to view a tutorial on how to add a minor:

After declaring ENTI, contact your ENTI cluster director to request an advising appointment. Within a few weeks of declaring the minor, you will be included on the ENTI student listserv.

Declaring a minor does not guarantee that the required courses will be available or that you will be able to complete the minor. Requirements for a minor may be completed at any campus location offering the specified courses for the minor. Please see your adviser to learn whether ENTI courses are available at your campus. Students may not permanently change from a campus that offers their major to a campus that does not offer their major for the purpose of completing a minor.