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Lion LaunchPad Special Living Option

The Lion LaunchPad Living Special Living Option (SLO) in Leete Hall at University Park is a tight-knit community that places first- and second-year students at the heart of the entrepreneurial community: connecting student startups, local entrepreneurs, and changemakers to fuel creativity and innovation. The Lion LaunchPad (LLP) Makerspace is housed within a private, limited access space in Leete Hall, which is accessible only to students who are part of this community. Weekly meetings, expert guest speakers, and field trips are all part of the culture of this SLO.

Also, within that space, students are encouraged to experiment and test hypotheses to develop meaningful outcomes and possible prototypes. Lion LaunchPad may provide resources and access to a network of mentors for each step along the way. Students may begin exploring their own startup ideas using resources found in the LLP Makerspace. Since product development in the Makerspace is limited to prototyping, once a viable value-added proposition is confirmed, then LLP resources will continue to help with mentoring, and introduction to alternate campus resources for launch.

First-year students in any major (or the Division of Undergraduate Studies) are encouraged to join Lion LaunchPad. The diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in Lion LaunchPad leads to intriguing and exciting ideas. Students may choose to stay in this living learning community through their sophomore year.

View North Housing Area room rates to compare the cost of living in a suite to the cost of living in a traditional residence hall. First-year students are only assigned to two-bedroom suites with a standard occupancy of four students.